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About Southwestern Gage

Why Southwestern Gage?

How do we do it?

The company started as a manufacturer of gages in 1952. It soon became apparent that there was a need for someone to provide knowledgeable advice to other manufacturers on how to measure their production to ensure their product quality. Our Manufacturing plant could not provide all the advanced measurement products that our customers needed, so we started to sell the best products available, no matter the manufacturer. 

Our goal was to provide options for our customers by presenting more than one solution, or one manufacturer, for all "solutions." Our customer can rely on us to provide advice and assurance that will result in the purchase of the best product for the job, and the experience to train on the use of those products, all at a reasonable price. In short, we want to be your external Quality Control Department. 

With very experienced personnel available for consultation. With Innovative approaches such as operating our own machine shop which provides us with a testing lab for our ideas, and a clear understanding of the challenges that you face. With constant sourcing of new products and new manufacturers. By partnering with innovative manufacturers such as Micro-Vu Corporation who are constantly improving their products, while continually driving down the costs. 

We don't just sell and walk away. We work with you through every step of the life of those sales. We advise you on what will do the best job, at the best price, install that product, train on how to use it, how to keep it calibrated, repaired, and to advise when to move on to the "next best thing."

Southwestern Gage

Solutions for Quality

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